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                                      Saws & Tooling

                                      Advanced Materials Saw
                                      SCM Group North America introduces the Gabbiani SZ 90 Plast Panel Saw which is engineered specifically for cutting Advanced Materials including plastics, composites, foam and aluminum. This automated fully equipped plastics saw includes many key machine features to help you process better quality parts faster and more safely. The pusher/clamping system automatically positions heavy stacks of material for every precision cut which improves safety and reduces hand and back injuries. The blade projection of 3.75?is ideal for cutting thicker materials. The saw is precision engineered with a heavy-duty machine base that ensures saw cutting repeatability of high precision parts, faster machine cycle speeds, improved productivity and vibration free cutting of pieces which do not require subsequent edge finishing in many cases. The robust 24HP main motor can process a wide variety of plastic materials and the redesigned pressure beam with four ports efficiently evacuates chips for cleaner parts. The specially designed cutting table with narrow grooves and clamps enable chip free cutting of thin materials. The 4 foot rear phenolic table supports narrow strips and rods for cross cutting into small pieces. The on-board optimization software increases material yield and reduces waste. A new 21.5?touchscreen PC with Maestro Software allows storing of specific plastic cutting parameters.

                                      SCM Group is a leading manufacturer of CNC panel saws, CNC routers, Sanders and other products for the plastics market.

                                      For more information, contact Phil Bryant, SCM North America, 2475 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096, 404-759-3534, E-mail: pbryant@scmgroup.com, Web: www.scmgroup-usa.com.

                                      Powerful Panel Saw
                                      Stiles Machinery proudly provides the HOMAG HPP 400 P (U.S. Edition) Panel Saw to the plastics industry. This powerful and versatile machine combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative German engineering for the ultimate in power and precision. With advanced standard features and a wide variety of highly customizable options, HOMAG’s HPP 400 P is designed to meet all of your unique production needs.

                                      The machine’s main saw motor features variable RPM speed control for high-quality performance, while its reverse cutting capabilities enable processing of thin plastic sheets without the risk of damaging delicate materials.

                                      Featuring a central side pressure device integrated into saw carriage that works from below the machine bed, the HPP 400 P is able to achieve precise alignment of thin sheets as well as full stacks of dense material. This machine also comes standard with air tables at the front of the saw and a complete air bed with dustEx at the cut line for effortless material handling and superior chip collection.

                                      HOMAG’s HPP 400 P U.S. Edition features HOMAG’s easy-to-use CADMatic operating software and powerTouch control system for intuitive machine control and operation. Moving graphics on the controller walk the operator through even the most complex cutting operations with ease.

                                      For more information, contact David Mays, Stiles Machinery, 3965 44th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, 616-698-7500, E-mail: dmays@stilesmachinery.com, Web: www.stilesmachinery.com.

                                      Beam Saw Line
                                      The Giben SIZING beam saw model Icon FAST LM is available in 3300mm (10 ft.), 3800mm (12 ft.) and 4500mm (14 ft.) cutting lengths and pusher strokes. It offers high capacity sheet cutting at a proportionately low cost of ownership.

                                      The base structure is built using heavy steel structural support elements with the now well-known Giben “LINEAR MOTOR DRIVE?saw carriage system. The 150mm (6 inch) blade projection, with automatic, high speed blade projection control according to the stack height, allows for clean, precise cuts in either single sheets or multiple sheet books. The automatic, double roller side alignment system dynamically squares parts no matter the size.

                                      The standard 40hp main motor, with variable blade rotation speed through electronic inverter allows adjustability for various types of materials and cutting requirements. The optional main blade lubrication system ensures efficient blade cooling for optimum cut quality and blade life. Plastics cutting specific grippers with narrower bottom gripper fingers and narrow gripper openings in the table surface ensure excellent cut quality, even when processing very thin sheets.

                                      The safety features on the Icon FAST LM include a safety barrier at the cutline as well as a safety curtain for added protection. The entire pusher area is guarded with full height safety fencing and a convenient access gate for easy access when cleaning or servicing. The high speed movements of the saw carriage and pusher using the Giben optimized positioning logic ensure excellent performance and output even when processing single sheets.

                                      For more information, contact Laura Broward, Giben America, Inc., 2915 Courtyards Drive, Norcross, GA 30071, 770-448-9140, E-mail: broward@giben.com, Web: www.giben.com.

                                      Vertical Panel Saw
                                      Colonial Saw, Inc., U.S. distributor of marketleading Striebig vertical panel saws, recently announced a new model to the U.S. market. The new Striebig Standard S model adds another level to their universal vertical sawing technology with integrated new elements and retained proven benefits. Chief among them, the Standard S will incorporate scoring as a standard feature and sport a sleek new operator control panel.

                                      “Striebig has offered the industry workhorse Standard model for decades, delivering value and durability,?said David Bull, Colonial Saw Striebig product manager. “Now with true split-blade scoring included, the enhanced Standard S will help operators achieve a clean cut on both sides and extended main blade life.?

                                      The saw unit and control box of the Standard S deliver both functionality and ergonomics through a new comfort premium package that incorporates four popular features straight from the factory: automatic pneumatic locking support rollers; Y-axis digital measuring system; pneumatic saw head locking with motorized fine adjustment to within 0.005?of inch; and laser light horizontal cut indicator. There are more than 20 additional options and accessories such as a wooden support wall and X-axis digital measuring system.

                                      “We’re very excited about this new opportunity,?Bull added. “It builds on Striebig’s six decades of sawing technology and delivers the perfect edges and precise dimensions that users have come to expect of every Striebig saw.?

                                      For more information, contact David Bull, Colonial Saw, Inc., P.O. Box A, Kingston, MA 02364, 781-585-4364 x204, E-mail: dbull@csaw.com, Web: www.csaw.com.

                                      Cutting Precision
                                      Selco’s Sektor Series of panel saws are the optimal solution for manufacturers looking for safe, efficient and flexible production. With the addition of the 4 Series Twin Pusher 1.2, the latest design from Selco, they deliver the most innovative, flexible and feature rich machine available. This system can improve the output of a standard Sektor Series machine by up to 25%, and because of the cutting-edge engineering of the Biesse Group, this is the most affordable twin pusher design available in the industry.

                                      The 4 Series Twin Pusher 1.2, is configured with 1 controlled axis and 2 additional grippers. The main pusher is servo controlled, and through a unique breaking system, the independent grippers utilize the main pusher for positioning.

                                      For more information, contact Gerri Yarbrough, Biesse America, 4110 Meadow Oak Drive, Charlotte, NC 28208, 704-357-3131, Fax: 704-357-3130, E-mail: marketing@biesseamerica.com, Web: www.biesseamerica.com.

                                      Optimization Software
                                      Business Answers International, a leading plastics industry-consulting firm is pleased to announce the launch of their new software company Falcon Optimizer, LLC.

                                      Falcon Optimizer was designed to change the way material-yielding software is used in the plastics industry, and utilizes advanced BlueCell algorithm technology that is delivered via an easy to use web-based software model.

                                      Based on years of development and testing, Falcon has never been beaten by competitive optimizers and is truly on the “cutting edge?of yield optimization technology. Falcon averages a10% yield improvement over existing optimization software in the market, resulting in significant material savings for the typical plastics distributor or fabricator.

                                      Designed specifically to be used at the quoting stage, The optimizer is uniquely positioned to make an immediate positive impact on improving profit margins, increasing new business, and reducing material costs. After extensive design, development, and testing over a period of several years, Falcon Optimizer expects to deliver a massive return on investment.

                                      The software features include: unlimited users per location; unlimited part sizes and quantities; unlimited sheet sizes and quantities; individual part pricing; ability to import pattern files directly to a wide variety of CNC panel saws.

                                      Currently in development are labor cost/pricing calculations, labor pricing per part, and length of cutting times.

                                      For more information, contact Aaron Rappaport, Falcon Optimizer, 4440 PGA Blvd., Suite 505, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, 561-775-6110, E-mail: arappaport@falconoptimizer.com, Web: www.falconoptimizer.com.

                                      Eco-Friendly Coating
                                      Amana Tool's “non-melt?saw blades (for example, Item #LB10801C) are specifically designed for cutting plastic, Plexiglas? polycarbonates such as Lexan?and other materials. Available in their signature ElectroBlu? Ecofriendly non-stick coating, these blades feature a micron-thin translucent layer, which helps to prevent resin buildup and is even more resistant to corrosion. This yields super smooth cuts in plastic materials without damaging the edges. The non-melt Amana Tool saw blades provide optimum performance yet makes cleanup a breeze.

                                      Amana Tool also produces industrial-quality carbide tipped, solid carbide and replacement carbide cutting tools. They recently introduced their Spektra?extreme tool life coated CNC router bit line. The bits feature a nACo?nanocomposite coating with an extreme Nano hardness and heat resistance and can say sharp up to 2.5 times longer than non-coated router bits.

                                      For more information, contact Frank Misiti, Amana Tool, 120 Carolyn Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, 800-445-0077/631-752-1300, Fax: 631-752-1674, E-mail: frankm@amanatool.com, Web: www.amanatool.com.

                                      No-Melt Blades
                                      Modified triple-chip grind tooth style and specially engineered side clearances make Forrest Manufacturing's carbide tipped No-Melt blades the perfect choice for cutting single or multiple stacked sheets of plastic without chipping or melting.

                                      The No-Melt blade is just one of the many award-winning general-, special- and custom- purpose blades and dados offered by Forrest Manufacturing, a family-owned business for more than 50 years. All Forrest blades are manufactured in the U.S. to exacting standards, using proprietary grinding techniques and hand straightening. The result is exceptional perimeter concentricity, an astonishing +/- .001?side runout and super fine tooth grind for smooth, quiet and precise cuts.

                                      The No-Melt blade is no exception. Its numerous teeth allow fast feeding of brittle acrylics. Super-hard C-4 micro grain carbide tips ensure 50 to 300 percent longer life between sharpenings. The No-Melt blade is available in 7? to 20?diameters with 60 to 120 teeth. It is particularly appropriate for cutting acrylics, Delrins? ABS, styrenes, PVC, and high- and low-melt nylons. Forrest blades come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Factory sharpening services for all makes of carbide tipped circular blades is also available.

                                      Forrest also offers their Duraline available in different tooth styles to meet different needs. The TCG for plastic cuts smoother than No-Melt due to narrower clearance angles. Use #11 TCG to prevent chipping edge of acrylic sheet. Also keep blade height low if on table saw. Made with double-hard C-4 Submicron Carbide for longer life between sharpenings.

                                      For more information, contact Jay Forrest, Forrest Manufacturing Company, 457 River Road, Clifton, NJ 07014, 800-733-7111, Web: www.forrestblades.com.

                                      Saw Blades for Plastics
                                      Atlas Saw & Tool, LLC, a market leading producer of saw blades and custom tooling since 1948, offers an extensive line of saw blades engineered exclusively for the plastics industry. With decades of plastics saw blade manufacturing experience and a dedicated team of application specialists, Atlas continues to be a preferred supplier to the plastics industry.

                                      Headquartered in Illinois, with additional locations in Florida and Arizona, Atlas provides its plastics customers with a broad range of saw blades designed to cut all types of acrylics and mechanical plastics.

                                      Atlas?top-selling Acrylic RV saw blades are engineered to reduce chipping on thin acrylic sheets and feature a unique grind pattern to minimize heat and prevent melting. The company’s mechanical plastic saw blades feature a unique tooth geometry design, allowing for smooth, easy cuts on ultra-low melt plastics ?including nylon, polypropylene, UHMW and HDPE.

                                      “What makes Atlas Saw & Tool a market leader is the fact that we have blades designed for every plastic-cutting application,?said Kent Kerns, Atlas?General Manager. “No matter the machine, blade size or type of plastic that needs to be cut, Atlas has a compatible saw blade. And, our full line of saw blades is always ready-toship and typically arrives to the customer within 24 to 72 hours.?

                                      For more information, contact Kent Kerns, Atlas Saw & Tool, LLC, a Fletcher Business Group Company, 7801 Industrial Drive, Spring Grove, IL, 60081, 815-675-1333. E-mail: kent@atlassaw-tool.com, Web: www.atlassaw-tool.com.

                                      Plastic Cutting Tools
                                      Fabrication Tools and Materials, Inc. (FTM) offers a large selection of saw blades, router bits and drill bits specifically designed and manufactured for cutting all types of plastics. These saw blades are manufactured in the USA with meticulous attention to every aspect of saw blade engineering and design. These precision saw blades exceed even the most critical cutting needs.

                                      FTM also offers Whiteside Machine’s complete line of made in the USA router bits and stock the most popular choices use in the plastics fabrication industry, flush trim, round overs, chamfers, and ‟O?flutes.

                                      Keeping with their theme, FTM also offers a complete line of made in the USA drill bits with specialized rake angles and cutting-edge clearance ideal for drilling acrylics. This line covers fractional sizes from 1/16?up to 1? lettered A-Z, numbered 1-52, and even metric sizes 2mm-13mm. If your size is still not here, it can be special ordered with a short lead time and at a reasonable price.

                                      For more information, contact David Geer, Fabrication Tools and Materials, Inc., 327 Industrial Drive, Unit 1, Placerville CA 95667, 530-626-1986, Fax: 530-642-2602, E-mail: info@123ftm.com, Web: www.123ftm.com.

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